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http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_tarja-turunen-christmas-concert-tour-2005_17.html 16 Dec 2005
Tarja Turunen - Christmas Concert Tour 2005
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu_16.html 14 - 16 Jul 2006
ARTmania Festival Sibiu
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_self-timer-at-mnac_18.html 14 Feb - 15 Apr 2007
Self Timer at MNAC
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu_12.html 15 - 17 Jun 2007
ARTmania Festival Sibiu
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_jethro-thull-live-in-sibiu_11.html 30 Aug 2007
Jethro Thull @ live in Sibiu
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_europe-reamonn-live-sibiu-new-years-eve-2008_13.html 1 Jan 2008
Europe & Reamonn live, Sibiu, New Years Eve 2008
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_amorpis-haggard-at-romexpo_14.html 9 Feb 2008
Amorpis & Haggard at Romexpo
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_special-haggard-concert_19.html 10 Feb 2008
Special Haggard Concert
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_anathema-unplugged_15.html 24 May 2008
Anathema unplugged
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu_10.html 18 - 20 Jul 2008
ARTmania Festival Sibiu
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_paul-gilbert-live-becker-brau-live-music-club_8.html 17 Oct 2008
Paul Gilbert live @ Becker Brau Live Music Club
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_vonda-shepard-sala-palatului_9.html 18 Feb 2009
Vonda Shepard @ Sala Palatului
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_anathema-sala-palatului_7.html 29 Apr 2009
Anathema @ Sala Palatului
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_tito-tarantula-hala-de-muzica_6.html 7 Jun 2009
Tito & Tarantula @ Hala de Muzica
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_tarja-turunen-sala-palatului_5.html 22 Jun 2009
Tarja Turunen @ Sala Palatului
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-2009_4.html 17 - 19 Jul 2009
ARTmania Festival 2009
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_forging-europe-tour-2009_1.html 29 Oct 2009
Forging Europe Tour 2009
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_yann-tiersen-sala-palatului_3.html 4 Nov 2009
Yann Tiersen @ Sala Palatului
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_jon-lord-sala-palatului_2.html 5 Nov 2009
Jon Lord @ Sala Palatului
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_vonda-shepard-is-coming-back-to-romania_20.html 11 - 14 Feb 2010
Vonda Shepard is coming back to Romania
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_brain-damage-the-ark_21.html 17 Apr 2010
Brain Damage @ The Ark
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_fits-2010_23.html 28 May - 6 Jun 2010
FITS 2010
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-2010-street-delivery_24.html 11 - 13 Jun 2010
ARTmania Festival 2010 @ Street Delivery
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-2010-warm-up_25.html 30 Jul 2010
ARTmania Festival 2010 Warm up
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-2010-_22.html 13 - 15 Aug 2010
ARTmania Festival 2010
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_international-tatoo-convention-2010_27.html 27 - 29 Aug 2010
International Tatoo Convention 2010
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_eitetsu-hayashi-in-romania_29.html 20 - 23 Oct 2010
Eitetsu Hayashi in Romania
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_make-the-girl-dance-party_36.html 6 May 2011
Make The Girl Dance Party
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_dark-tranquillity-in-silver-church_35.html 19 May 2011
Dark Tranquillity in Silver Church
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu-2011_31.html 8 - 14 Aug 2011
ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2011
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_international-tattoo-convention_38.html 14 - 16 Oct 2011
International Tattoo Convention
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_amorphis-the-beginning-of-times_37.html 8 - 9 Nov 2011
Amorphis - The Beginning of Times
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu-2012_39.html 6 - 12 Aug 2012
ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2012
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_european-progressive-assault_40.html 9 Oct 2012
European Progressive Assault
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-festival-sibiu-2013_41.html 5 - 11 Aug 2013
ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2013
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_blaj-alive-2014_43.html 7 - 8 Jun 2014
Blaj aLive 2014
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-vampires-den_42.html 4 - 10 Aug 2014
ARTmania Vampires' Den
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_artmania-altemberger-stage_44.html 7 - 9 Aug 2014
ARTmania Altemberger Stage
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_peter-hammill-at-brukenthal-stage_45.html 7 Aug 2014
Peter Hammill at Brukenthal Stage
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_hauschka-brukenthal-stage_46.html 8 Aug 2014
Hauschka - Brukenthal Stage
http://www.artmania.ro/en/events_daemonia-nymphe-brukenthal-stage_47.html 9 Aug 2014
Daemonia Nymphe - Brukenthal Stage
ARTmania Festival 2010
13 - 15 Aug






ARTmania Festival 2010

ARTmania Festival 2010 will take place between 13th and 15th August. Reaching its fifth edition, ARTmania Festival 2010 announced: Serj Tankian, the sisters of mercy, Kamelot, Sirenia, Swallow the Sun and Dark Tranquillity.

Friday, Large Square: the sisters of mercy, Kamelot, Swallow the Sun

Saturday, Large Square: Serj Tankian, Dark Tranquillity, Sirenia


Various metal bands played at the festival in the past four years: Nightwish, HIM, Opeth, Amorphis, Anathema, Lacrimosa, Tiamat, My Dying Bride or Within Temptation. ARTmania Festival is focused on two days concerts in the center of the city, but also on art exhibitions, club parties and many other cultural activities in the medieval fortress of Sibiu.


One of the most unconventional front men in rock, System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian emerges as a solo artist with his debut album Elect The Dead. Classical and electrical instruments will be heard on Saturday in the Large Square of Sibiu surrounding the voice of the artist who revolutionized rock music.


[the Sisters are...] "a lean glittering groove machine for the new millennium, leaving the sullenly anachronistic reformations of their contemporaries far behind" and will perform Friday, on the 13th of August 2010 in the Large Square at ARTmania Festival 2010.


Kamelot is one of the metal's unique, influential and prestigious acts to come along in decades. The group's reputation among fans and media alike, is marked by enthusiasm as well as esteem, each of their seven studio albums to date surpassing its predecessor in terms of songwriting and production. Musically, Kamelot combine different styles which they blend into their own homogenous, distinctive trademark. Youngblood said: “We play power metal as much as progressive metal and ghotic metal.“


Sirenia sounds like a mixture of gothic metal and rock with classical influences, in addition to some elements from more extreme metal genres. The band was formed by Morten Veland in January 2001. Morten's musical work was already well known through his work with his former band Tristania, a band he co-founded back in the mid nineties that played at ARTmania Festival 2009.


Dark Tranquillity offers an intense musical experience, bearing the mark of the natives' Scandinavian roots. Their elevated music style was personalized and refined in over 20 years of metal experience and a great amount of studio productions. In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are the royal highneses of Gothenburg metal, world wide praised for creatig the style.


Finnish band Swallow the Sun saw their debut in the beginning of 2000. Their music is complex and rich in imagery and message. At times romantic, sad or aggressive, Swallow the Sun cannot be overlooked in the doom and melodic scenes. With four studio recordings, the band continuously refines its style and likes to experiment with new sounds.


ARTmania Festival 2010 is presenting six concerts in The Large Square on Friday and Saturday and other alternative events during the 13-15th August weekend where the access is permitted with tickets or passes for the Large Square. Tickets and passes are available at Carturesti, Diverta, Germanos, Humanitas and Vodafone Shops and online on www.eventim.ro, www.bilete.ro and www.myticket.ro. Outside Romania tickets are available on the Eventim European Network.


Presale I: 1-30April - 70RON/day 110/pass (~18/29€)

Presale II: 1-31May - 80RON/day 140RON/pass (~21/37€)

Presale III: 1 June - 12 August - 90RON/day 160RON/pass (~24/42€)

Sale inside the festival: 110RON/day 180RON/pass (~29/47€)


The Sibiu Local Council through the Sibiu Town Hall and the Sibiu House of Culture and the Sibiu County Council co finances ARTmania Festival.

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