The third edition of East European Music Conference and Showcase Festival, a meeting spot for music international and local music experts, begins.
The third edition of East European Music Conference and Showcase Festival (EEMC), the first local international conference dedicated to professionals in the music industry, opens its gates on July 25-27, 2019, becoming the meeting and talking point of the Romanian musical industry and cultural workers with some of the best experts in the field.

EEMC is the place where artists, managers, producers and cultural workers in Romania have the opportunity to meet and start new collaborations with the special guests of the conference.
Seminaries and talks will take place at the Hermes House/ASTRA Museum in Sibiu and at the Habitus Gallery and will be completed by a series of concerts from the Romanian Music Export as well as alternative events organized in the Small Square.
Those interested in taking part at the two-day conference and seminars at EEMC can register for free, within the limit of available sports, by sending an email at [email protected] or directly at the EEMC Info Desk inside the Habitus Gallery, located in the Small Square, on Thursday, July 25, 2019, between 19:00 – 22:30.

The launching event for “Sibiu – Festival City: East European Music Conference & Showcase Festival 2019” will take place on July 25th, 2019, in the Large Square, starting with 19:00 and it is open to the general public.
The Sibiu conference is organized in collaboration with AROC, the Romanian Association of Concerts and Cultural Events Organizers, that features as founding members some if the most important promoters in Romania: Emagic, Electric Castle, Summerwell, ARTMania or Untold, among others. EEMC is a project supported by Kaufland Romania.
SIBIU – Festival City – East European Music Conference & Showcase Festival 2019” is a co-financed action by the City Hall of Sibiu and the District Council of Sibiu.
“SIBIU – Festival City” is a multicultural project with the object of reconfirming the status of the town of Sibiu as an important player on the European market of culture consumers and producers of cultural events. With a remarkable tradition and experience in organizing and promoting large events, Sibiu becomes the regional platform for dialog for all the entities involved in the showbiz industry, not only in Romania, but also in Europe, and takes on the role of promoter in attracting international investments, with a direct impact on citizens and local authorities.
With its third edition, that will take place between 25-27 July, 2019, the international reunion East European Music Conference (EEMC) has taken on the mission of keeping a healthy debate between the entities that are active in the Romanian Musical industry, starting with representatives of the private sector – show organizers, to international experts and directly involved state authorities in decision making processes.

In the context of a market in a continuous development process in the last couple of years, the local promoters are still conducting business in a confused environment, with an outdated legislation, that does not include specific provisions for the concert and festival industry, therefore the existence of a communication platform that facilitates the direct contact and punctual troubleshooting is necessary. The local organizers will look for solutions in an experience exchange with local and international promoters. Without significant change to the existing laws in Romania, without changes in laws as result of healthy debates there can be no rapid or healthy changes in the local market. The mission EEMC has taken on long term is to support the evolution of the local live event sector and alignment with the European industry standard on festivals and concerts.

East European Music Conference takes place at the same time as the ARTmania Festival (14th edition) thus contributing to the transformation of Sibiu, through music and art in a veritable European Cultural Capital.
On the large stage of the ARTmania Festival, some of the most important international bands will play: Dream Theater (USA), Opeht (Sweden), Architechs (UK), Madrugada (Norway), Alcest (France), Wardruna (Norway), Fjørt (Germany) and Mobius (Slovakia).