ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2014 is showcasing a new series of concerts hosted by The Brukenthal National Museum – Altemberger House Museum of History between August 7 and 9, 2014.

65daysofstatic, the British post and math rock band from Sheffield, has so far released five studio albums and one soundtrack: The Fall of Math, One Time For All Time, The Destruction of Small Ideas, We Were Exploding Anyway, Wild Light and Silent Running. 65daysofstatic is known for sounds as special and distinct as their name. Every aspect of their shows, from music to lights, is marked by exceptional craftsmanship, these elements defining what the band represents. The exceptional mix of post and math rock is powerful and captivating from the first second until the last. Come and join this unique experience on Thursday, August 7, in Sibiu.

The EF story started in Gothenburg back in 2003. After various incarnations the band now known as EF hit their stride by opening up their heavy distorted guitar palet to a much richer, textural approach with haunting melodies and harmonies. EF started touring and built up a dedicated fan base throughout the years. The experience and confidence gained from these 16 odd tours have taken them all over Europe, Russia and Asia. It has shaped them to become the explosive, energetic and cathartic live band they are now today.

As it goes with age and experience also comes growth. Although the sound of the band has evolved away from the hardcore infused post-rock of their early days, EF have always kept their hardcore d.i.y. ethics alive. By running their own record label, And the Sound Records, and setting up their own worldwide distribution they sold thousands of records along the way. Their full length album “Mourning golden morning“ being the one that finally gave the band the critical acclaim and a wider audience.

They can be heavy and fragile simultaneously, and they are not afraid to push their own boundaries “Ceremonies“ is once again an expedition through the landscape of sound that EF conjures up with great efficacy. Their love of melody and harmony alive, carried by heavy rhythms, only to be dispersed into a sonic aurora borealis; with improved vocal and orchestral arrangements including more strings, horns, piano and even the use of synthesizers. Growth. Experiment. Focus. These are the 3 key words for one of Europe’s hardest working and continuously promising acts who look forward to another 10 years of making music together, to be seen live on Friday, 8th of August at ARTmania Festival Sibiu.

The band Tides From Nebula formed at the beginning of 2008 in Polland. In one year they wrote 50 minutes of energetic, ambient and, most importantly, emotional instrumental guitar music. This was the foundation of their debut album. ‘Aura’ was released in March 2009 and immediately received positive attention and enthusiasm from critics and audiences alike. It received incredibly warm reviews in the Polish and foreign press. In no time the band became the most important polish post-rock act and one of the best “export goods” in Poland. They have also established themselves as a great live band.