During the Blaj aLive weekend, 12,000 lovers of music, nature and freedom met on the Liberty Field with some of the most loved local artists, during the seventh edition of Blaj aLive.

During the musical marathon, on the Fredoom Stage, The Motans, Irina Rimes, Mihail, Gramofone, Maru and Blue Velvet offered full of energy shows.

Along with the musical component, fun lovers have enjoyed a variety of options to spend their free time, from relaxation spots in the lounge areas to sports activities in the Sports aLive area, to creative activities in the festival to fun and adrenaline in the special amusement park area.

The Fun Park Blaj aLive

The energized festival goers have trained throughout the day in the specially designed Blaj aLive Fun Park. Here, regardless of age, people have spent their time in an active way, alternating between the live concerts energy to adrenaline offered by trampolines, go-carts, inflatable slide or carousel.

Food area

In order to keep up their energy, foodies could enjoy all kinds of goodies from drinks to foods, specially prepared to cater to every taste and age.

Recycling by FEPRA

At Blaj aLive 2019, those who came on the Liberty Field could recycle selectively thanks to specially designed collection points in the festival area, in order to show responsibility towards the environment.

With the help of FEPRA International, festival goers could find out more about how they can take care of nature and respect sustainability principles in their day to day lives.

Echoes of Blaj aLive could be heard into the night, a sign that Blaj has become a dynamic pole of Transylvania.