ARTmania Festival attracts every year thousands of tourists to Sibiu and has been constantly developing and adapting its concept. For its tenth anniversary edition the international acts will be playing in the Large Square, with free access on Friday and Saturday, July 31 and August 1, 2015. The Large Square, the main tourist attraction of the medieval citadel, is the place where in the last nine years some of the most beautiful projects of the rock and metal music universe have played.

The concerts in the Large Square will follow the classic schedule structure with three international acts each evening, beginning at 7 PM. Apocalyptica, Anathema, Clan of Xymox and Saturnus are the main bands confirmed for Sibiu, three of them playing for the first time at the festival. The organizers offer ten Meet & Greet passes as a present to the fans that show in Sibiu, with the help of their tickets, ten years of presence at the ARTmania Festival Sibiu.

The most dedicated fans that have already bought their tickets can get special promotions for the anniversary merchandise in exchange for the valid passes at the special stand in the Large Square. Some of the promotional merchandise include this year’s anniversary T- shirt, official poster, lanyard and other surprises dedicated to ARTmania Fans.

Tickets can be returned only at the original selling point starting with March 27 until April 26. Passes that have been torn, lost or without signs of authenticity (the right stub present with the authenticity mark) will not be reimbursed. Tickets bought from the ARTmania website can be reimbursed either by physically bringing them to the ARTmania office in Bucharest or by sending a scanned copy by email at [email protected] along with the additional details: name, bank account number, bank name, Personal Identification Number of account owner and the SWIFT bank code, all necessary to make the payment back. Reimbursement of tickets received via email will be done in 72 hours, after checking the ticket series and numbers. Other costs beyond the ticket price (courier charges, bank commissions, etc) will not be refund.

The festival will continue promoting cultural events derived from the rock culture during the week July 27 – August 2, under the motto “10 years of ARTmania Festival”, powered by Tuborg. For applying or other information, check or contact the organizers at [email protected] or Event co-financed by the Local Council of Sibiu and Sibiu City Hall.