noiembrie 28, 2022

ARTmania Events thanks the Romanian Church United with Rome, institutions and partners for the strong collaboration for organizing the ceremonies held by His Holiness, Pope Francis, on the Liberty Field in Blaj.

Just a few hours have passed since the last container of the 33, used for the production of the historic visit of Pope Francis on the Liberty Field in Blaj was removed. ARTmania Events, the organizing company that took care of all the logistic and operational details for this unique event thanks the Romanian Church United with Rome, institutions and partners for their trust and excellent collaboration.

This event of a huge amplitude was an excellent example of collaboration between the private sector and state authorities, all the parts involved making everything possible to organize things at the highest standards. All the aspects, from the essential to the minute details, have led together to the success of a truly historic event, a visit of utmost importance both religiously and nationally, stated Codruta Vulcu, CEO of ARTmania Events and project director.

Organizing an event of such amplitude, with a profound spiritual dimension, has fulfilled the motto chosen for His Holiness Pope Francis in Romania. In Blaj, we all felt, organizers and pilgrims, that we were walking together with the Holy Father. Let’s stay together stated vicar general Cristian Barta, communication manager for the Pope’s visit in Blaj.

ARTmania Events thanks everyone who has contributed to a smooth visit of His Holiness in Blaj: authorities and public institutions, partners, volunteers, priests and pilgrims, accredited journalists to this event. Special thanks goes to the Presidential Administration, Romanian Government and the General Secretary for Religious Cults, Alba County Council, Town Hall and Local Council Blaj, as well as the Inter-ministry comity for Security “Pope Visit 2019”, formed of MApN, MAI, SRI, SIE, STS and SPP, without whom this historic visit could not have been organized in optimal security and logistical conditions. Thanks to them, Blaj was a hospitable host and a place where everyone felt safe.
The event, impressive on a technical complexity, but also in number of participants, that took place on the Liberty Field in Blaj, was an important part of the visit in Romania of His Holiness Pope Francis.

Organizing the event took over three weeks of montage, over 60 trucks with equipment, but also creating and coordinating a crew of 500 people, a team of volunteers of over 600 people and coordinating over 50 collaborators from the private sector.

For this event, it was necessary to arrange a space of 106.498 sqm, made out of the Liberty Filed and neighboring areas, but also setting up over 7 km of fences. Tents of over 2,200 sqm were set up as well as over 7,400 seats.
Also, 14,500 sqm of ground covering systems were necessary in order to facilitate the access and sitting of event participants and technical equipment. More precise over 7,500 sqm of portafloor were necessary for pedestrians, 5,300 sqm for medium traffic and over 1,700 sqm for heavy traffic on the secondary access areas for trucks and heavy machinery.

In order to facilitate the access to thousands of pilgrims on the Liberty Filed in Blaj 60 access gates with all the necessary equipment were installed, as well as 6 independent areas for the public, with separate access and independent facilities, for an efficient and safe crowd-management.

Four platformsdedicated to the press and disabled individuals were also built, each with dedicated access meant to assure the best conditions to capture images and follow the ceremonies.
Moreover, for the volunteers that informed and guided the pilgrims, a camping of 300 tents was set up, with all the necessary facilities.

During the event, almost 1,5 tons of plastic was collected and has already been sent for recycling. Protecting the environment and keeping the Liberty Field clean was one of the first aspects taken into consideration when planning this event. Therefore, ARTMania Events thanks all the participants at this project (direct involved individuals as well as pilgrims) for their civic behavior and the cleanliness left on the Liberty Field. It is a model of civilization and an example to be followed.

Organizing this event, unique in the activity of a professional, has represent for myself and the ARTmania Events team, a true honor. I wish to thank the Romanian Church United with Rome for all the confidence it has offered us when they’ve chosen us for this extremely complex event. .

Apart from the impressive amount of people and technical complexity, the tight collaboration and the true engagement of all the people and institutions involved was a key aspect that assured the success of organizing this event at the highest standards.

I want to personally thank all of our collaborators, partners, all our colleagues for their special efforts, for their solution-centered attitude, their professionalism and their involvement, said Codruta Vulcu, Project Director.
Last, but not least, ARTmania Events thanks all the accredited journalists for this event, that have contributed to a correct information of the public with essential information for a smooth evolution of the events as well as participants’ safety (organizational and access measure, rules for the pilgrims, etc.), and for their materials that have succeed in underlying the importance of this event as well as the historical significance of His Holiness presence in this area.