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nmatu-posu (Japan) – dance performance

nmatu-posu (Japan) – dance performance

nmatu-posu (Japan) - dance performance

29 May 2016 Bucharest Free


Time : 18:00
Venue : Point

Performance | nmatu-posu (Japan) – Action Game with Physical Sensation
Special guests: Paul Dunca – FLUID concert with Alex Bălă & Andrei Grigore

Sunday, 29 May, 18:00 – 21:00

Choreographers / dancers: Takafumi KODAMA, Souhei MINOWA, Akifumi TOYOFUKU

When the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), so called the Famicom, hit the market in 1980s, their game’s virtual reality won the hearts and minds of young people. A few years later, low-tech toys calling for „interactive action” were released. The physical experiences of playing these hands-on toys instantly captivated the young people, who were preoccupied with the virtual world of the NES games before. One of the toy’s name is „Actual Fight Boxing Game” – KENTOSHI / 拳闘士.

The dance-unit “nmatu-posu” founded in 2006 has been active in Japan and abroad. The members of nmatu-posu come from the athlete background, having teacher license for elementary school, junior-high school and high school in Japan.
They are exploring the boundary between SPORT, ART and EDUCATION, and produce various works with a combination of them. There is an unique dance program called „Creative Dance” which has been developed in school physical education in Japan. They are a leading organization in Creative Dance, moreover, have named it as Contemporary Artistic Physical Education under the context of Diversity of Contemporary Dance. They attempt to display a concept of Physical education in art spaces, in other words, to introduce their thought of developing body.

They have performed by invitation abroad in the following countries: South Korea, China, the UK, Estonia and Romania including Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2014, In Japan: Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center, Towada Art Center, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Roppongi Art Night, Miyakonojo Art and Culture and the Iwaki Performing Arts Center.

Paul Dunca – FLUID concert with Alex Bălă & Andrei Grigore

Untouched till now by the public eye, in a fragile immaculate state , FLUID is a musical triangle born in 2016.

Paul Dunca, Alex Bălă and Andrei Grigore – initiators of this conjunction – perform together for the first time revealing a sound at the border between electronic and oriental music.

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