Black clouds and a silver lining


Dear friends,


We started this year with excitement, working intensely to prepare a great anniversary edition which would bring us together to celebrate, as a community, 15 years since many of us met. 15 years during which people with passion for music and for the rock culture came to the Large Square of Sibiu to discover, to share experiences, to relax or to work, to have fun and express their love for art.


In the past months, while continuing to work with the same dedication for preparing a memorable edition, we constantly consulted with the authorities and monitored the evolution of this unprecedented situation.


Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak already led to the postponement of many other major festivals and band tours and, based on the authorities’ public statements, it is still considered a high risk to organize events with large attendance. Therefore, it is not safe yet to meet again and share our common passion for music, rock culture and life.


That is why, with great sadness, we have to announce that the ARTmania Festival will be postponed for 2021. Though a governmental order on this topic still hasn’t been issued, we know that it will follow. Also, it is impossible for us to linger in this uncertainty, out of respect for your time, plans and bookings and for our collaborators. It was not an easy decision to make (from operational, administrative, financial or emotional standing points), but the safety of our public, artists, colleagues and collaborators always comes first.


Therefore, as we already mentioned, the 15th edition of ARTmania Festival will take place in the summer of 2021. Since we already miss you a lot and we want to catch up the party and fun we all missed, we decided to add an extra day to our festival! ARTmania Festival 2021 will take place between 23rd-25th of July 2021, stronger and louder.


Regarding the line-up, as previously announced, for the 2021 edition, we already confirmed with (A-Z): Amon Amarth, Cult of Luna, Clutch, My Dying Bride, Port Noir, Testament and The Vintage Caravan. The full line-up for the next edition, including new exciting announcements, will be communicated at a later date, when we will also come with news regarding the rest of the acts, plus some new, exciting additions, promising a memorable 15th anniversary.


Regarding the tickets, all tickets bought for ARTmania Festival 2020 will be valid for ARTmania Festival 2021. Those who choose to keep their ticket for 2021 will get a 10% discount for merchandise products available on ARTmania Shop. More info. about the discount can be found here:


ARTmania Festival 2021 tickets:

Those who didn’t manage to buy a festival pass but would like to come to the 2021 edition and listen live to these well-known bands can get their 2021 ticket, for 290 lei + 6% taxes (price valid in the limit of the stock, but no later than 31st of July 2020), from the following link:



Though we are finding ourselves in a very, very tight spot, after 15 years of continuous efforts for building an international festival we can all enjoy, we know that some of you may find themselves in a similar tight situation.


Many members became part of this community (be it in the team or in the public), some even since 2006. Our team and our festival grew together with you, as we were here both in happy and in difficult times. This was and still is our driving force which helps us get through every edition, irrespective of the obstacles, as they were plenty enough along the years.


As we were saying, we are in this together, even when we find ourselves in a difficult and unprecedented situation.


As much as we will truly appreciate the vital support coming from those of you who will keep your ticket for ARTmania Festival 2021, we will offer refunds to the ticketholders who are also in financial difficulties and need the reimbursement. Those in need for a refund have to fill in, until 3rd of July 2020, the form available on the following link: After this date, all tickets bought for 2020 will automatically become valid for 2021.


We had to apply for a bank loan in order to be able to honor potential requests as we have already paid the ticketing commissions, VAT and income tax for these tickets, plus other costs which are generated well in advance by such a festival and cannot be recovered. Therefore, reimbursement may take longer than usual.


For those who asked us how they can support the festival in these difficult times:

Besides keeping your 2020 tickets for the 2021 edition we have prepared some special ARTmania Festival 2020 dedicated merchandise which you can find here:


Get these limited edition T-shirts, parkas and safety masks and let’s meet again healthy & happy in 2021 in the Large Square of Sibiu!

After 15 years of continuous hard work and managing to overcome various obstacles, the future of this festival – the oldest Romanian rock festival – now depends also on your support. For now, you can help us by keeping your ticket for next year’s edition or by getting a souvenir from the ARTmania Shop. This storm we are all in together is a milestone for us and we hope that the trust we built in each other – festival goers and organizers – will help us all reach the shore safe and sound, in an even bigger togetherness.

Thank you for your continuous support and for your understanding.

Take care of each other, respect the official recommendations, stay safe!

Yours truly,

The ARTmania Team